Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a procedure to restore the tooth’s natural colour. When doing so, the dentist applies an active chemical agent called “carbamide peroxide 6%” or “hydrogen peroxide” on the layers of the teeth. This oxidation process will whiten your teeth and give you a radiant smile.

We would like to remind you that tooth whitening and veneers are aesthetic treatments. Consequently, they are not covered by the basic mutual insurance scheme or by supplementary dental insurance. You will therefore have to pay for these treatments yourself.

blanchiment dentaire
  • Clean your teeth at least twice a day for a week before your appointment
  • Smokers are advised to stop smoking before the treatment
  • For patients with porcelain crowns or veneers, it is important to emphasise that their colour will not change and that it may be necessary to replace them after a whitening.
  • Follow the recommendations provided by our dentist; these tips will help you to ensure a longer lasting result
  • 2 to 3 days after treatment, avoid smoking, drinking coffee or consuming foods with a high acid content
  • We recommend using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth

Useful information

Are my teeth suitable for whitening? What degree of whiteness can be achieved?

It is possible to whiten most teeth. We will conduct a preliminary examination to confirm what is possible. The degree of whitening, however, depends on the individual properties of your teeth.

Whitening does not affect the colour of dental fillings, crowns and bridges.

Does teeth whitening take a lot of time?

Depending on your wishes and availability, you can choose to have the treatment performed at the practice during a 60min session. During this session, we will first protect your gums and then apply two layers of products.

You can also choose to perform whitening at home over a period of two weeks, using a custom-made kit provided by your dentist

However, we must first make an appointment to make your whitening mouthguard.

Which method is used for whitening?

Our whitening products contain a substance that releases oxygen ions during treatment. These ions penetrate the inside of the tooth and discolour the pigments that have formed there.

After whitening, how long will my teeth stay white and bright?

This can differ from case to case. The effect of whitening can often last for many years. Thorough oral hygiene and regular cleaning by a professional can help to maintain the whiteness.

Our whitening formulas

Whitening at home

  • Whitening kit for 2 weeks of treatment
  • Manufacture of a custom mouthguard
  • Four syringes of whitening products
  • With appointment at the dental center

Whitening in the practice

  • Whitening with a laser
  • Maintenance free
  • With appointment at the dental center

Combined formula at the practice + kit at home

  • Whitening at the practice
  • Post-whitening maintenance
  • Manufacture of a custom mouthguard
  • Two syringes of products
  • With appointment at the dental center